KannCept, pronounced “con-sept”. My name is Molly Kann-Carey. My maiden name is Kann. Thus, the creation of KannCept. However, we do answer to “can cept”.

Underwear rule: Generally we don’t care what condition your home or office is in when we meet. We want to see how you live or work. However, if we are required to step over your unmentionables, it might be time to pickup.

I started KannCept in 2000. I may sound like I am twelve, but I am no Doogie Howser. I have a degree in design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago and am a professional member of ASID. The state of Illinois has decided that I am worthy enough to pay them to be called a licensed designer.

Yes, we like dogs. Cats, not as much.

No, your opinion doesn’t count. Come on…of course your opinion counts. As much as we love to design by dictatorship, we wouldn’t be in business for long.

Longer than you think. We still heard the groan. Groaning won’t make the project go faster.

Pick a designer, any designer …each project will have a lead designer, project manager and support staff. Based on the type of work and the scheduling, a main contact will be established at the beginning of the project.

We are happy to provide you with “just a plan”. Honestly, you won’t be happy. Unless you are some design savant that hasn’t been realized, if you haven’t done it for yourself by now, you probably won’t. The beauty of hiring a designer is knowing that you get to sit back and have it done. Don’t sweat the thought of having to put it together yourself. By the way, do you cut your own hair?

The contract is three pages long because an attorney wrote it. They, like us, get paid by the hour. As much as we would love to do business on a hand shake, we don’t know if you are crossing your fingers behind your back.

We do charge for the initial consultation, at your home or business. However, if you would like to meet us and see if we have any irritating twitches or complete lack of style (which fashionably, we do), you are welcome to come to our studio free of charge.

Everything. We do the design, the bidding, the contracting, the purchasing, the cleaning, the cooking. You name it, we do it (or pay someone to do it). If it goes indoors, we can get it there.

We design and decorate. We can remodel your home or hang a picture. You will work with Kim, Angela or Molly on anything needed for your home. Between the three of us, we bring a creative energy to your project that can’t be replicated.

May we suggest a Design Day. This is for the “instant gratification” freaks (don’t worry, we are too). We come in and assess the situation, set a day, set a budget and do our magic. In one day, we transform as many rooms as humanly possible. There has been reports of tears (good ones) at the conclusion of this type of turbo design.

We charge by the hour. Since we don’t like to disclose our hourly rate, we will tell you we charge 5¢ per second.

We can let ourselves in. It is not necessary for you to be available all the time. As work begins, contractors will be in and out. We are responsible for arranging the schedule and working with you to make sure the job gets started and, sometimes, finished.

Yes, I have seen “Design on a Dime.” Believe me, if I could decorate your home for a dollar, I would. But the use of toilet paper rolls as an art installation isn’t going to make either of us happy.

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